[Nourishing] Relationships Counseling, PLLC

Omid Roustaei, MA LMHC

What to anticipate

I work with adult individuals and couples of any age, race or sexual orientation and practices who are seeking change and are striving to better understand and work through their negative patterns in their relationships and personal lives.

I provide a structured and supportive environment and work collaboratively with my clients to develop the necessary skills and tools needed to live a fulfilling and authentic life while creating satisfying relationships. My philosophy is that with increasing self-awareness, clients are then able to make more conscious and positive choices for themselves. I believe when people feel heard, and are emotionally safe, and have a sense of direction and belonging, they fare much better in life - When our primary relationship feels disconnected, it can also have the opposite effect.

My work with clients entails exploring family and culture of origin issues and dynamics, identifying patterns of interactions in clients' significant relationships, and addressing the non-supportive methods of coping with distress.

Life's challenges

All sessions are now being held via a secure Telehealth system.

There are many reasons why we seek therapy:

Perhaps you are experiencing challenges in your relationship, having the same patterns of conflict and emotional disconnection recur.

Maybe you are having difficulties in your personal life managing family issues, workplace conflict or struggling with depression, anxiety and coping with non-supportive addictive behaviors.

Perhaps it's an overall feeling of stuckness,  and not knowing if there is a way to break these patterns.  

The process of therapy can be supportive in addressing these issues, and help you deepen your relationship with self and to others.