Omid Roustaei, MA LMHC


Life transitions and adjustments:

  • Depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness, stress, grief and loss
  • Develop effective coping skills to address challenging life issues
  • Self esteem, self worth, existential issues
  • Ease emotional stress and pain

Family of origin influence:

  • Improve interactions with family members
  • Recognize triggers and emotional hooks
  • Improve communication
  • ​Identify negative attributes and qualities you learned from family interactions and expectations
  • Identify and break unhealthy patterns

LGBTQ community

  • Sexual orientation and identify
  • Coming out
  • Self acceptance
  • Community related challenges

​​couples COUNSELING


  • ​​Address relationship challenges and issues and feelings of being stuck
  • Explore conflicts and address the barriers to emotional connections
  • Identify the existing behavioral patterns and challenges
  • Create new and positive behavioral patterns to deepen emotional bonds
  • Soften power struggles and re-establish felt connections
  • Improve communication skills
  • Deepen emotional intimacy
  • Create healthy and functioning relationships
  • Reconnect, repair and rebuild

I am an 
EFT trained therapist (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy).